Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

e-commerce ecommerce


Doing business using some electronic systems (e.g. computer, smart phone, etc) or we can say that Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) is the way of doing business electronically. This means that all your transactions are without paper or paperless and you use electronic system such as EDI (electronic data interchange), electronic fund transfers, fax transmissions, electronic mail, bulletin boards and the internet.

E-Commerce is a new concept of doing business, even though with the internet the use of e-commerce has increased significantly. E-Commerce has been executed in the banking system for a long time (ever sent an electronic funds transfer?) and most businesses have been using EDI (Electronic data interchange) to send computer illegible data in a standard format to another business. With the rapid enhance of use by consumers and businesses of the internet, e-commerce is now another option for many businesses.
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