Four Intriguing Steps to Grow Your Telesales Training

Four Intriguing Steps to Grow Your Telesales Training

As a sales manager, I am pretty sure that you would want to develop an effective telesales team that can bring in more sales and more revenue to the company that you are serving. You can help your team do better by offering them with effective training to improve their selling skills and confidence when selling over the phone.

Here's how you can grow your telesales training:

1. Improve communication skills. You should include exercises on your training programs that will enhance the communication skills of your sales representatives. I recommend that you do impromptu activities like monologues or even simulations so these people will get used to communicating with other people. It would help if you give them grammar lessons every so often and if you can encourage them to widen their vocabulary so they can easily express their ideas.

2. Teach them about customer profiling. This is something that can save you some customer handling time. Teach your representatives how they can easily determine if the person they are talking to is most likely to make a sale or a "loss case" -- meaning, somebody who will not buy under any circumstances. Create criteria that every prospect must meet before you representative will go on with their sales pitches. By not wasting your time on people who do not buy, you can definitely improve your productivity and conversion rate in no time.

3. Offer trainings on customer service and "patience". You think this is pretty obvious but there are so many phone representatives who are losing it in the middle of a phone conversation. They get into heated arguments with their prospects and they insist that they are right. As a sales manager, you need to make your representative understand that it's always the clients who have the last say. Your sales reps must have a truck load of patience and they must know how to handle irate customers otherwise, their conversion rate will suffer.

4. Offer lessons on handling objections. Most sales representatives particularly those who are just starting out are clueless as to how they can handle objections and this leads to lose sale. Empower these people to confidently handle objections without sounding defensive or nervous. Remember, the goal here is to equip these people with knowledge so they can easily communicate the real value of the products and make them enticing to the eyes of your prospects.

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