Modem VS telephony boards In Telemarketing

Modem VS telephony boards In Telemarketing

A regular PC, desktop or laptop, can be turned into an autodialed by using a telephony board or modem. There are software programs which can set up an auto dialer-like function over a physical telephone line using such hardware. It is also possible to run cheap or free auto dialers without a modem or telephone line using the Internet and VoIP.

Traditional advantages of using telephony cards over simple modems include detecting touch tones and transferring calls directly through to the caller.

With the advancement of computer software technology at the end of the 20th century, many hardware-based telephony capabilities for auto dialing can be implemented in software. Voice modems are much less expensive and some computers have them pre-installed already. Touch tones, call transfer, call progress detection, detection of answering machine and voice mail, and other telephony card features, are available in voice modem-based auto dialing systems. For a simple auto dialer supporting only a few phone lines per PC, telephony cards offer few advantages over simple voice modems.

However, with single systems that initiate large volumes of calls simultaneously, telephony cards offload the PC by performing most of the telephony functions (call status determination, playing music on hold, answer machine detection, etc.). Calls can likewise be cross transferred at the telephony board level.

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