Uncover Six Interesting Ways to Increase Your Telesales

Uncover Six Interesting Ways to Increase Your Telesales

Here's how you can secure more sales through telemarketing:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are talking to the decision-maker. Check your call list and if it doesn't match the person who answers the call, ask for the person you are calling right away. Do not waste your time pitching your products and services to those who are not in the liberty to make decision.

2. In-depth product knowledge. You'll become a more effective sales person and you'll surely be able to close more sales if you know the products or services that you are selling inside out. Remember, your prospects will surely have several questions about your offerings before they'll be convince to make a purchase. If you are able to give these people with the most appropriate answers to their questions, you have great chances of winning their business.

3. Confidence counts. You really can't sound nervous or unsure when calling your prospects -- it simply wouldn't work. As a marketer, you need to know how you can project an image of authority over a phone line. People who are listening to your sales pitch must feel that you are really knowledgeable or even an expert and that you can offer them the best solutions to their problems.

4. Profiling. You need to understand the profile of the person you are talking to over the phone. Within a couple of minutes, you should determine if they are sure buyer, skeptical, or non-buyer. When you know the profile of your prospects, you can easily adjust the elements that you are using to increase your chances of making a sale. Let me give you an example; if you are talking to someone who is skeptical on what you offer, you will need to give out solid proof about the features and benefits of your products and services to convince them to buy.

5. Probe. Before you present the 101 features and benefits of your products and services, make time to probe about the actual needs and demands of you prospects. By doing so, you'll know what specific benefits or features can affect the buying decision of your target market.

6. Active listening. Your prospects will most likely to feel valued and will most likely to buy if you practice active listening all throughout the call. When you ask them questions about their needs and demands, make sure that you keep your mouth shut until they're done talking.

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