Uses of E-Commerce

Uses of E-Commerce

E-Commerce is not to do with the technology itself – but is regarding the businesses that use the technology to be more well-organized and expand a wider customer base, enhances consumer consciousness and gain an edge on your competitors. E-Commerce can be used in any state where any activities can be done superior, electronically. It is the application of new technologies (namely the Internet and the WWW) to current business processes and practices, resultant in companies conducting business better.

With mobile technologies, customers can be reached independent of their specific locations. Mobile technologies have also resulted in a high degree of personalization for the users.

E-Commerce can be used for numerous things as well as the following steps:

  • E-Commerce can also help progress your business method and information flows by allowing you to correspond with other businesses faster and more efficiently.
  • If you previously sell goods or services in off-line conditions (e.g. retail shops) you now have the option of selling your goods and services online to a much wider audience and at times not defined by standard trading hours.
  • E-Commerce allows you to create better relationships with your customers and find new customers as you are now global instead of local.

Marketing through internet is connected with numerous business models:


The goods and services are sold directly to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B),


The sale of advertising,

Lead - based websites:

An association makes worth by obtaining sales leads from its website Affiliate marketing: A procedure in which a goods developed by one person is sold by other dynamic seller for a share of profits. The owners of the goods normally supply some marketing material (affiliate link, tracking facility, and sales letter).
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