E-Finance Role In International Trade

E-Finance Role In International Trade

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ITC’s Business Navigator on e-Finance
The Business Navigator on e-Finance is a practical tool to assist individual entrepreneurs, SME exporters, bankers and all those involved in trade development to better “navigate” in the unknown area of e-finance for trade. It will be made available in conventional hard copy format or CD-Rom.

In order to keep up with the development in ICT’s application in the trade finance field and to properly respond to the needs expressed by ITC’s beneficiaries, it is proposed to carry out a critical analysis, comparing the most relevant e-finance experiences both in selected developing and developed countries.

Moreover, the analysis will identify and describe best e-finance practices and tools currently in use for export finance. The navigator will also be helpful to identify the areas for ITC’s eventual technical co-operation in e-finance sector, particularly with the focus on capacity building in the area of e-trade finance.

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