what is Islamic Tijarah? Its Importance, Appreciation, and Exhortation to business.

Islamic Tijarah

“Transaction of goods and services according to the Shariah”

A good, successful and flourishing business depends very much on the sincere efforts and persistent hard work of the businessman. Therefore, any discussion of the Quranic attitude to Tijarah (business) ought to be preceded by explication of its attitude to Amal in general. Business is also a necessary and beneficial activity; therefore, its importance in the eyes of the Quran is understandable. Our aim is to explore what the Quran has to say about business activity in particular.

Importance of Tijarah

The importance of business is evident not only from the express statements but also from the attitude and the special consideration accorded to it by the Quran as we shall see below.

1. Frequent Use of Business Terminology

The Quran has made and extensive use of business terminology. Commercial terms, belonging to twenty different stems, occur in the Quran about 370 times. C.C. Torrey writes his Ph.D. dissertation on this very subject, namely, “The Commercial-Theological Terms in the Koran”. Torrey maintains that a considerable part of Quranic theology is presented in business terms.

2. Permission Augmented by Legislation

The Quran has permitted business in explicit terms is a fact beyond doubt. Furthermore, we find in the Quran instructions, in considerable detail, regarding the approved and the disapproved practices in business. In other words, permission is duly augmented by legislation, which provides ample proof for the importance given to business activity by the Quran.

3. Business During pilgrimage

The pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj) is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is the epitome of religious experience in the life of a Muslim insofar as it combines physical, spiritual, and pecuniary dimensions of human devotion to the Creator. That the Quran expressly permits business even during the Pilgrimage—a period of extreme devotion—underlines the importance the Quran attached to business activities.

4. Condemnation of Unfair Dealing

The Quran repeatedly condemns and expressly prohibits all sorts of unjust practices in the course of business. Unfair dealings are attacked more fiercely than perhaps any other form of sin. This, inter alia, indicated the importance of fair dealing.

5. Attribution of Fairness and Justice to Allah

There are a number of Quranic verses in which the qualities of justice and fairness are attributed to Allah. Such a frequent attribution of these qualities to Allah cannot but adequately highlight the importance of justice in weights and measures proceed from Allah and that his own dealings with man are the standard of justice.

Appreciation and Exhortation to business

The Quran has nothing but applause for just and honest business activity. The Quran is replete with a variety of exhortations to the vocation of trade, as may be seen from the following discussion.

1. Business an Interesting Vocation

Business is projected by the Quran as a lucrative and pleasant vocation. It is frequently implied that trade is the most interesting of all pursuits. Provision of such favorable circumstances that facilitate safe and profitable business trips is mentioned as great favour bestowed by God on the Quraysh of Makkah.

2. Means of Transportation

There is a tremendous admiration in the Quran of the means of transport as well as of those things (e.g. store, etc.) that help the travelers. The ship is repeatedly mentioned as god’s blessing to men, which they are asked to employ in order to seek Allah’s bounty.

3. Fairness and Honestly

Besides its general appreciation for the vocation of business, the Quran often speaks of honesty and justice in trade. It has nothing but praise for just and honest business activity which is evident from the frequent exhortations to fairness in bargaining.

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