Entrepreneurial Background and Characteristics

Entrepreneurial Background and Characteristics

The education level of the entrepreneur has received significant research attention. Although some may feel that entrepreneurs are less educated than the general population, research findings indicate that this is clearly not the case .Only few background characteristics have differentiated the entrepreneur from the general population.

Childhood family Environment

The impact of word order and social status has have confliction preserve result. Having a father who is self employees provide the strong inspiration in the example of independence and flexibility and self employment this feeling of independence is often further enforce by and entrepreneurial another, parents of entrepreneur need to be supported and encourage independence achievement and responsibility.


Education appears important in the up bringing of an entrepreneur the level of education obtain in playing the major roll in coping with problems. The ability to deal with people and communicate clearly in written and spoken work is also important.

Personal Values

Its very important to entrepreneurs is ethics and the ethical behavior of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs do differ from managers on some aspects of ethics.

Work History

The past work experience of an individual. Work history plays a role in the growth and eventual success of the new venture.

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