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What is Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management is a corporate group of people which is quite genuinely known as HRM or HR, the most common question ask is what do people in human resources do? they serves organizations in finding the right match for the company. The most interesting aspect behind hiring a prolific human resource management squad is getting assistance with recruiting, training programs as well as finalizing applicants for a specific job post.

Beyond hiring and firing Human Resource is the group of individuals who make up the workforce of a company, organization or business sector. Some "Human Capital" is use with human resource, although human capital typically refers to a more narrow view, i.e, the knowledge, the individual, the passionate person and who can contribute to an organization. Likewise, other terms sometimes used "manpower", "talent", "labour/lobor" or simply "people" that work in any organization.

Back-Bone of an Organization:

For the most part, human resource managers is considered as the back-bone of hiring and eradicating the right and wrong people from the job, which requires experience, composure and decision-making skills.

Various organizations in the world propelled to another level by reorganizing their human resource management team and gained competitive advantage since companies have started following a different working environment now. Experts state that such group of sharp-minded people can have an impact over 6 different situations.

Human Resource Management Examples

HRM Six Different Situations:

  • Human resource management department manages and recruit hard-working people as well as abstract thinkers for their organization. 
  • This department is held responsible for introducing performance appraisals to make an employee’s competency more efficient than on previous terms.
  • The development of various motivational programs through which a new level of diligence is showcased by the workforce. 
  • Changing the innovation level within the organization and adding flexibility in policies for better output on overall basis. 
  • Making better strategic plans and finding new ways to improve job-description for the employees.
  • Breaking the communication barriers between the managers and their sub-ordinates.

Functions of Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. HRM can also be performed by line managers.

Human resource management department also harbors the performance management system, which also includes ‘effective feedback mechanism’ in order to motivate as well as encourage the employees as per their core competency. Organizations have understood that such departments assist in finding the right match for the companies in just the right time-frame.

We can also tell that the professional discipline and business function that oversees an organization's human resources is called human resource management(HRM, HR Department or simply we can say HR).
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