Products, Services, and Experiences


In this fast-moving world, we’ve come across a number of terms coined in the 21st century. It should be in our best interest that customers are often overcharged for purchasing the right products and services at the online world. And in a nutshell, the novice internet users are still deprived of the main difference between “products”, “services” and “experience”. Let’s understand the true attributes that make up a company’s product, its services and the experience it hands out to the customers.




What’s A Product?

In spite of being made in various forms, the main difference of the “products” lies in their tangible nature. It is considered as a stack of different items that are manufactured under a certain company’s name. It has been evaluated by the experts that nearly all “products” are induced with rear service, which enables them to target the customer requirements and so on.


What’s A Service?

It should be in our best interest that ‘services’ are considered intangible in nature and are induced with result-oriented solutions that benefit the customers. Furthermore, it is imperative to ensure that the right service would follow up the problem and fulfills the identified requirement. In addition, the marketers state that sometimes people aren’t habitual of pin pointing the right services as they are associated very closely with the products.


What’s An Experience?

This word is labeled as a series of incidents and events that someone has undergone on personal terms. Therefore, there is no alternative for ‘experience’ and as long as we’re alive, we’re experiencing the manifestation of memories that we somehow might use in the future endeavors. For example: A person who remained associated with an “IT” based organization for the last two decades can showcase swift computer simulations than the one who worked at a manufacturing company.