Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemarketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemarketing Telemarketing is one of the most profound ways of selling out the company’s products and services. It includes a direct interaction with the customer-base to understand their interest towards what we sell out in the markets. Furthermore, it gives us the time to interrogate and evaluate about their needs to … Read more

What is Poverty? Causes of in Pakistan

What’s Poverty? The term “Poverty” encapsulates a vast meaning related to the human beings who are deprived of the most basic needs of their lives. It should be in our best interest that “poverty” has seen a major rise in the continent of “Africa” as well as in “Asia”, where countries are not developing as … Read more

Entrepreneurial Background and Characteristics

What’s Entrepreneurship? The term “Entrepreneurship” sketches a scenario of an individual, who in all truthfulness, exhibits willingness to earn and a demand to supervise a small business setup with risks and revenue resting on his shoulders. It should be in our best interest that a successful entrepreneur should is aware of the market trends and … Read more

difference between growth and development?

Introduction A top organizational theorist named “Russell L. Ackoff” encapsulates the literal difference between “Growth” and “Development” by stating “A rubbish heap grows, but it does not develop” giving us another right lead to search for the verdict between these terms. We often hear economics and theorists using these terms while elaborating success or its … Read more

Advantages of Privatization

Introduction It should be in our best interest that various economists have debated against and for the advantages of ‘privatization’. However, nothing affected its effectiveness of reviving the dead business setups as well as organizations to gain lucrative profit after getting registered under the spree of private sectors. This phenomenon has been long in the … Read more

Paperless Environment in Organization

Introduction In this fast-moving world, a notable change in the working environment should not be considered spontaneous and awkward, as most of the leading companies in the market are striving to achieve a paperless mechanism for the organizations resulting in cost-effectiveness. It cuts down the expense of using papers for the documentation purpose and stokes … Read more