Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio

What’s a Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio?

The fixed asset turnover ratio is considered as a vital component of the ‘financial ratio’ associated with the net sales that are generated through fixed assets. It ensures that fixed-asset investments produce an ample amount of net sales to fulfill the desired requirements.

The experts include ‘properties’, ‘plants’ and ‘equipment’ in this concept, which enlightens about the current standing of the company in terms of its return on investments that were made upon the fixed assets.

It highlights the amount of revenue generated through these tangible assets resulting in maximum credibility as well as prosperity for the company. This chapter of accountancy is being used in the major industries in full swing by purchasing the right equipment and curating maximum effectiveness as an output. Indeed, it opens new doors over the prudent investors to explore if the companies have made the right investments or not.


The utilization levels of the fixed assets can be measured from the desired formula:-

Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio = Net Revenues Divided By Average Fixed Assets

Rational Explanation:

Because businesses and organizations are willing to contribute to their overall objective for achieving maximum revenue through these fixed assets and this accountancy chapter helps in getting it evident that fixed assets are proving to be a great source of income for the company.

Therefore, showcasing a strong ratio assists in associating businesses with market’s competitive advantage. It is worth mentioning that through ‘business development strategies’ a company can rearrange the usage of its fixed assets which supports the dynamic environment later on.

The experts have shown serious considerations in how a higher fixed asset turnover ratio can result in depreciation expense with our net sales falling drastically down on the balance sheet. It is recommended to keep a check-in balance of their maintenance to do well in the markets.


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