Selecting Target Market Segments

What’s Market Segmentation? The term “Market Segmentation” refers to the process of dividing the entire customers market into segments that are identical to one another. It should be in our best interest that this notion helps companies in focusing on the most substantial and lucrative customer segment, which does not disappoint their expectations in terms … Read more

Major types of buying situations

Buying Situation: It is considered as the paradigm of purchase which is measured through the quality of information and the amount of experience that the buyer exhibits related to the products and vendors available to in the markets. Moreover, it highlights the level of efforts that are being opted to make the purchase for the … Read more

The Buyer Decision Process

Introduction The buyer decision process is a paradigm of perceptions and scenarios that help customers in purchasing the product from the markets. It impacts their decision power and gives them a useful chance of purchasing the desired product with correct market offering. It is considered as a staircase between the buyer and the new product … Read more

Clayton Alderfer ERG Theory

What’s motivation? Based on the research, ‘motivation’ is an internal surge or a general desire backed up with strong intents to achieve something or reaching out certain mile stones in life. Motivation is the most important aspects behind putting ourselves on the launching pad especially in the corporate world.     There’s an overwhelming competition … Read more

Abraham Maslow’s “Need Hierarchy Theory

Introduction: Since the ‘motivation’ factor has been considered of paramount importance in the corporate world, various psychologists and researchers have presented their chunk of work in the form of theories and notions. It should be in our best interest that one of them is Abraham Maslow’s “Need Hierarchy Theory” which is quite simple to understand … Read more

Products, Services, and Experiences

Introduction In this fast-moving world, we’ve come across a number of terms coined in the 21st century. It should be in our best interest that customers are often overcharged for purchasing the right products and services at the online world. And in a nutshell, the novice internet users are still deprived of the main difference … Read more

Local Marketing and Individual Marketing

Introduction Marketing is one of the most widely known business techniques in the world. It assists organizations in moving products to the right target market and in a fruitful direction to gain lucrative amount of profit. However, the difference between “local marketing” and “individual marketing” has the potential to confuse novice marketers in the industry, … Read more

Participants in the Business Buying Process

Introduction Interestingly, the “Business Buying Process” does not consist of a one man show, since an entire team is composed to be looking after this task and putting up extra efforts to acquire expected results for the company. We must understand that each designation has its own purpose and sheer importance, which assists in achieving … Read more

The Business Buying Process

Introduction: It is imperative to catch on with the most benefiting strategies when it comes to “business buying process” as this procedure incorporates five major stages, since the race is on to purchase the most suitable inventory, which should be affordable, solidly built and provides sharp return on investments.     However, each stage incorporates … Read more

Institutional and Government Markets

Introduction: It should be in our best interest that companies are now focusing on the buying behavior than anything else in the markets. It includes the buying practices of both institutional and government-funded organizations. However, each one of them dazzles the customers with their unique attributes and features helping them to succeed in their present … Read more

Create Value for Target Customers

Introduction It can be a daunting objective to push our business in using the most profit-gaining strategies, especially if we enter the market to produce full-fledged results from products and services.     However, creating value for customers through products can help in growing our business reputation and getting an international recognition as a brand, … Read more

Market Targeting

What’s Target Marketing? A target market is considered a place where companies want to sell their products and services with a piercing approach. It includes a group of targeted customers, for whom the company plans and implements ideas to fulfill their distinctive needs.       Furthermore, an organization’s marketing plan is of no importance … Read more