Clayton Alderfer ERG Theory

What’s motivation?

Based on the research, ‘motivation’ is an internal surge or a general desire backed up with strong intents to achieve something or reaching out certain mile stones in life. Motivation is the most important aspects behind putting ourselves on the launching pad especially in the corporate world.



There’s an overwhelming competition in the companies and since a workplace is the only platform where employees should not suffer due to a non-motivational environment, this inner-rush is considered imperative in efficiently and confidentially achieving the organizational objectives.


What’s Clayton Alderfer ERG Theory?

The most interesting aspect behind the famous ‘Clayton Alderfer ERG Theory’ is its parallel mechanism in accordance with ‘Maslow’s Five Needs’. Both the psychologists have dedicated their utmost time and efforts to explore that how a man prioritizes the flow of his needs.

This theory interprets the same concept and mechanism which ‘Maslow’ presented in the books with a compressed nature. The famous psychologist “Clayton Alderfer” has squeezed the 5 needs mentioned in the theory to the following 3 needs:

  • Existence
  • Relatedness
  • Growth.

Key Differences:

  • It emphasizes that people can be motivated through the needs from more than a single level at the same time. Therefore, progressing from one point to another and then getting pumped up to achieve something is being considered null and void here.
  • It puts light on the level of ‘frustration’ that people can showcase once their needs are not satisfied up to the mark. The psychologist has encapsulated the whole scenario as “Frustration-Regression” element.
  • Therefore, “ERG” stands for “Existence”, “Relatedness” and the “Growth”, which provides an in-sight regarding its overall mechanism in the corporate world.