Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemarketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most profound ways of selling out the company’s products and services. It includes a direct interaction with the customer-base to understand their interest towards what we sell out in the markets. Furthermore, it gives us the time to interrogate and evaluate about their needs to reform our services accordingly.

There is a massive increase in this business strategy since various companies have started to sell out products at an international level after building a group of telemarketers. The most interesting aspect behind using this cameo is its cost effectiveness which helps in attaining the required amount of revenue.


It has been evaluated that companies practicing inbound and outbound telemarketing strategies to maintain a client-base in the global market have experienced cost effectiveness in this business. There is no extra overhead cost, which results in saving an ample amount of money.

Quite interestingly, the out-bound telemarketing companies are given enough flexibility to expand their business growth by reaching out to customers belonging to different territories in the world. It maintains a certain communication bridge with the purchasers, which enables us to develop a long-term association with them.

In telemarketing, trust and word of mouth play an essential role in building reputation in front of the customer. It leads us to lucrative sales rate and improved client-satisfaction with enhanced credibility of the business.


Despite its overwhelming sales boost, there are various territories that may perceive the art of ‘telemarketing’ as a fraud or selling out useless products to the customers. It is worth mentioning that telemarketers are given special attention over their ‘rebuttals’ since most of the people who get called up are either not maintaining a friendly tone or hang up immediately on them.

It’s because of the bad experience that marketers have given them as not all companies maintain professionalism in this business. Some people might stereotype the callers as ‘scammers’ or unauthorized people calling them up for an irrelevant product purchase. Moreover, in telemarketing, making the customer purchase the product is mandatory and that’s when they might lose the plot.